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Jessica Brooks-Woods

Jessica Brooks-Woods


At the crossroads of healthcare innovation and dynamic leadership stands Jessica Brooks-Woods, the esteemed CEO of the National Association of Benefits and Insurance Professionals (NABIP), the United States' leading health insurance association. Armed with transformative insights from her prior role as President & CEO of the Pittsburgh Business Group on Health (PBGH) from 2013 to 2023, Jessica re-envisioned and recalibrated the nuances of healthcare value, access, equity, and quality for employers. This led PBGH to unprecedented financial milestones, recording annual employer savings of over $30 million. Additionally, Jessica's strategic programs effectively alleviated employees' burdens, sparing them from $6 million in copays and ancillary expenditures.

Revered as the "Velvet Hammer in Healthcare," Jessica seamlessly interweaves fierce advocacy with a sense of purpose, ensuring holistic value delivery across healthcare touchpoints. Her entrepreneurial flair shines through with EARN Staffing Solutions, a paradigm-shifting DE&I-centric consulting and talent placement initiative catering to modern business requisites.

In her pursuit of superior patient experiences and advocacy, Jessica introduced the groundbreaking service, Health Desk. This revolutionary initiative proactively addresses and rectifies subpar patient care, raising the bar for healthcare standards globally.

A significant feather in her cap is the development of the AI-empowered Rise Health Equity tool. Understanding the convolutions of navigating healthcare, especially for those who often feel marginalized, Jessica championed the creation of this tool. Rise Health Equity seamlessly translates health concerns into cogent letters and messages, ensuring every voice resonates with the gravity it merits. Advocating for clear communication and equity, the tool is especially committed to amplifying the voices of people of color in healthcare dialogues, ensuring they feel acknowledged and valued. More details can be found on

Jessica's foundational education from the Pennsylvania State University Smeal College of Business, coupled with her Master's in Public Management from Carnegie Mellon University, is a testament to her robust academic prowess.

As a sought-after orator, Jessica's eloquence graces myriad platforms. She's been a distinguished speaker at national conferences, including Benefits Pro, World Congress, HLTH, and NAHPC. Yet, most treasured among her speaking engagements are the moments she stood as the commencement speaker at both her high school and the Penn State University Greater Allegheny Campus. Her expansive community outreach spans a gamut of board positions across non-profit and for-profit entities, such as Maitri Medicinals, Community Health Design Corps., University of Pittsburgh Institute of Entrepreneurial Excellence, Maternal Mental Health Leadership Alliance, and the Patient Health Action Network. Jessica's dedication led to her pivotal appointment to the Pennsylvania Health Insurance Exchange, Pennie.

Her leadership trajectory is adorned with accolades. Among them, listings in City and State PA’s Top 50 of Impact in Pennsylvania, 40 Under 40 in Pennsylvania, and Pittsburgh’s 2022 Power 100 stand out. Additionally, the Pittsburgh Business Times recognized her as one of the most influential women.

June 2023 heralded the launch of her seminal book, "Race Forward: An Employer's Guide to Health Equity," under the Race and Health Foundation. As she forges ahead with NABIP, the health insurance realm readies itself for another epoch of transformation under Jessica's visionary stewardship.

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