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Scott Wham

Scott Wham

NABIP Member At Large

Scott Wham is the director of compliance and innovation for Kistler Tiffany Benefits (a OneDigital Company). Scott is tasked with overseeing Kistler Tiffany Benefits' compliance consulting initiatives, as well as tracking emerging trends in employee health and welfare benefits strategies. Additionally, Scott has a deep passion for population health management and spends a significant amount of time working with companies to help them quantify the numerous ways employee health and vitality impact the bottom-line. He is a believer that true healthcare reform requires addressing the social and environmental variables that drive health outcomes, and believes that NABIP can lead the way in the fight to help all Americans live with vitality.  

Scott also represents Kistler Tiffany Benefits on NABIP's Principals Council and General Agency Council.

Contact Scott Wham or 484-321-5833.